Cruz is a Latinx artist based in Berlin and CPH, born in San José, Costa Rica. Co-founder of the art duo L9. Cruz holds a BFA-MFA from the Funen Art Academy in Denmark, which was completed in 2019.

Their multidisciplinary practice draws on ideas of social constructivism and the reinterpretation of diverse narratives. Their work encompasses a spectrum that blends dystopia, satire, aesthetics, spiritual practices, and identity. It is closely anchored to lived experiences and emotional exploration. Conceptualization is at the core of Cruz's work and can be translated into a broad range of media and methods, from installation to 3D animation, text, sound, performance, and sculpture. However, video is a central part of their projects. 

They were awarded a working grant by the Danish Art Foundation in 2022.

Alongside their artistic practice, Cruz also possesses professional skills in videography and art direction.

Selected exhibitions and performance

2023 Erosion II (solo performance, TBA), Dance-Cooperative, Copenhagen, DK
2023 HØND (Duo, TBA), Berlin, Germany
2022 VÆV (group exhibition), Dance-Cooperative, Copenhagen, Denmark
2022 Delusional Parasitosis II (Dual-solo by L9), OK Corral, Copenhagen, DK
2022 THE GUDBOI COMPANY (solo), LYSMUR, Svenborg, Denmark
2022 Terraforming Manifesto, Springbraette6a, Copenhagen, Denmark
2021 PLUR (group exhibition), Haus der Statistik, Berlin, Germany
2021 Delusional Parasitosis (Dual-solo by L9), Haimney Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
2021 Erosion (Performance with Emilie Gregersen), Haimney Gallery, Barcelona
2020 Cathexis (solo by L9), Omni, Copenhagen, Denmark
2020 Kiez.schafft, Bi'bak, Berlin, Germany
2019 There is only revolution around the sun, Eksrummet (collaboration), CPH DK
2019 Afgang 19, Det Fynske Kunstakademi, Odense, Denmark
2019 Territory, Sorte Firkant, Copenhagen, Denmark
2018 Solo exhibition, Reuter, Berlin, Germany
2017 BFA exhibition, Kunsthal Ulys, Odense, Denmark
2017 CRUZ & VIRG SHOW, FAA PROJECT ROOM, Odense, Denmark
2016 Rundgang, Funen Art Academy, Odense, Denmark
2015 Far Away from The Universal Studios, Gelsted, Denmark
2015 Vår Salong!, Stockholm, Sweden
2013 MALERI 2013, Gallery Habitat, Odense, Denmark
2013 TILLVARON 3,5 %, TILLVARON, Gbg, Sweden
2012 Tattauw, Dansehallerne, Copenhagen, Denmark
2012 Viatjants, Teatro Montes de Oca, San José, Costa Rica
2011 theallan, SA Gallery, Bilbao, Spain

2014-2019 Funen Art Academy, Denmark (BFA-MFA)
2007-2009 UPV/EHU, Bilbao, ESP (Degree in Graphic Design and Media)

2022 HAUT, Copenhagen, Denmark
2019 TILLVARON, Gbg, Sweden

Mentorships/ internships
2020: Mentorship with Sidsel Meineche Hansen, conducted via Zoom from CPH-London.
2018: Assistant work and internship with Simon Dybbroe Møller Studio in Berlin.
2017: Mentoring-ship with Bjørn Melhus Studio in Berlin.

Collective practice
2022-Ongoing: Collaborating with Marie Vedel and Cruz Proxy.
2020-Ongoing: Co-founded L9 group with Cruz and Nanna K Jensen in DK.

Danish Arts Foundation:
2022: Working Grant for Visual Artists in Copenhagen.
2021: INTERNATIONALE AKTIVITETER for Erosion with Emilie Gregersen at Haimney, Barcelona.
2021: Værkproduktion og udstillinger Delusional Parasitosis at Haimney Gallery in Barcelona.
2021: Exhibition Abroad for L9, Delusional Parasitosis at Haimney Gallery in Barcelona.
2021: Received Valby Lokaludvalg grant for VÆV at Dance-Cooperative in Copenhagen.

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