Delusional parasitosis (II) is the name of the third part of a trilogy-show by L9, as an ongoing concept and continuation of the exhibitions Cathexis and Delusional parasitosis (I). This trilogy explores the complexity around human emotions and behaviour, from a toxic or viral perspective

L9 is an artist group based in CPH, Berlin and Svendborg. Currently, the line-up consists of Nanna K. Jensen and Cruz Proxy, graduated with an MFA in 2019.

Supported by Danish Arts Foundation

Curated by L9

Photo/ documentation by Cruz Proxy

at Okcorral

Mother Leech

Medium: installation, a two layered aquarium tank containing a silicone sculpture of the mother leech submerged in diluted plasma. A series of entangled pipes transporting the fluid around the room.

Dimensions: measurements variable.

Affection/ Helado

(Teaser) #1
Medium: video installation with sound.
Duration: the original video is 04.00 minutes, looped.
Dimensions: 3840 × 2160.

(Teaser) #2
Original version :
Medium: video installation with sound.
Duration: 03.01 minutes, looped.
Dimensions: 3840 × 2160.

Cathexis hacked infestation

installation, a series of 9 casted sculptures coated in industrial silicone.

Dimensions: measurements variable.

4 humors

digital print, 3d rendered image.

Dimensions: 84.1 × 118.9 cm.

copyright cruz proxy 2021