In THE GUDBOI COMPANY an ethical conundrum is being product-placed in a satirical context that interlinks the conditions of the New International Division of Labour (NIDL) with a dystopian science fiction narrative. This is an ongoing piece inspired by marketing strategies. A research on sustainability-labels designed to capitalise on the consumers sense of conscience.

In this installation, a GUDBOI’s commercial is looping on a tv set mounted on the wall, together with several sculptures (products) displayed and rotating near the screen. A press-advert introducing the GUDBOI label was also printed in a newspaper as part of the show “There is only revolution around the sun” at Eksrummet.

Medium: mix media, installation, video, CGI, animation, sculpture (made with Cruz’s hair collected during a few years, soil and white glazed ceramic pots, some of them rotating in electric stands)

Duration of the video:
05:06 min, looped.

1920 × 1080 (Video), measurements variable (sculptures)

Images from the show TERRITORY, 2019, DK, Curated by Cruz and Wael Toubaji & BETWEEN A ROCK AND THAT HARD GROUND, 2019. DFK, DK

© Cruz, 2019, 2021

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