"In The Gudboi Company", an ethical conundrum is being product-placed in a satirical context that interlinks the conditions of the New International Division of Labor (NIDL) with a dystopian science fiction narrative. This is an ongoing piece inspired by marketing strategies, focusing on research on sustainability labels designed to capitalize on the consumer's sense of conscience.

In this installation, a Gudboi's commercial is looping on a TV set mounted on the wall, together with several sculptures (products) displayed and rotating near the screen. A press advert introducing the Gudboi label was also printed in a newspaper as part of the show "There is Only Revolution Around the Sun" at Eksrummet.

Medium: Mixed media installation including video, CGI, animation, and sculpture made with Cruz's hair collected over a few years, soil, and white glazed ceramic pots, some of which are rotating on electric stands.

Duration of the video: 05:06 minutes, looped.

Dimensions: 1920 x 1080 (video), variable measurements (sculptures).

Images from the shows "Territory" (2019, DK), curated by Cruz and Wael Toubaji, and "Between a Rock and That Hard Ground" (2019, DFK, DK).

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