“Domestication’’ by Cruz Proxy (12:30 min, looped)

Domestication text:

Besides the complexity of each individual, a homogeneous population can be easily programmed under the “proper” circumstances. Perception, behaviour and interactions are shaped through conditioning and rewards since an early age, all of this disguised as choices, like training a puppy. The sense of collective identity is a territorial role-play based on a common phenotype that mirrors unconditional trust. In order to feel validated by the dominant majority and exist in the same space, the newcomers who lack an adequate phenotype, are subjected to embrace absolute obedience to the dominant majority. This is a harmful loop that forces one to feel grateful and dance in circles while restricted by one's own letch of duty. Have you noticed how many ancient deities are carrying a similar hand purse? Phallic shaped weapons like swords or a guns can't carry any seeds.

VÆV is a multidiciplinary research and group exhibition.

The artists said yes to each other's processes. They agreed to accompay each others' desires, questions & propositions. They disagreed in the heat of things. They crossed the country, saw a dolphin, met up in gardens, living rooms, studios, basements and video meetings.

VÆV is an attempt to share resources between the multiple artforms in terms of space, economy and knowledge. VÆV functions as a responsive membrane, woven with techniques of video, choreography, sound and dance.

Carla Størup 
Cruz Proxy 
Emilie Gregersen
Nanna Katharina Jensen
Paolo de Venecia Gile 

VÆV was hosted by Dance Cooperative. 

Supported by :
Statens Kunstfond and Valby Lokaludvalg.

copyright cruz proxy 2021